New Photos from Nicholas Cerimeli Professional Photography
New Photos from Nicholas Cerimeli Professional Photography



As a marketing agency, we work with a variety of clients in many different industries; helping our clients develop and refine their brand and create successful campaigns. Nick has consistently and reliably provided beautiful photography, videography and editing services to many of our clients across many different industries. His work is solid and stunning. I appreciate the fact that he provides more pictures and video than we could possibly use – allowing us to pick and choose our favorites. Our clients request his services over and over and (more importantly) our clients really enjoy working with him. He does not simply follow a checklist of items to do – rather he offers creative suggestions, inventive solutions, and an imaginative perspective to photo shoots and video productions. He makes our clients look good and that makes us look good. On a personal note, I have hired Nick to take pictures and videos for several of our important family events and I love his work so much, I’m going to hire him again to take our daughter’s senior pictures. I wholeheartedly recommend Nick’s services in both a professional and personal capacity.

Olivia Hensley~Owner of Smart Marketing



Nicholas Cerimeli of Nicholas Cerimeli Photography

About Nick

I’m a photographer/videographer based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Born and raised in AZ, I was first introduced to a camera by my father. Growing up he was always at my football and baseball games, capturing high-quality action photos of all the athletes. After diving more into photography and videography myself, I was able to shadow multiple professionals in the field. I got the opportunity to work with filmmakers from Los Angeles, and photographers who specialized in many different areas of photography.

Now, I have my own business in Arizona, but I often travel for projects around the globe. My philosophy is not to specialize in just one facet of photography or videography. I’ve shot weddings, party events, portraits/headshots, family photos, real estate, as well as creating multiple promotional videos for small business. I also love making travel videos. As a professional photographer/videography, I strive to capture amazing moments; moments with family, moments that inspire, and moments that show just how beautiful the world is.

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